Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Accelerated Program

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  • 14 weeks

Application Deadlines

  • Rolling Bases


Medical Image and Programming Fundamentals: Novice
This module is for beginners who intend to understand the fundamentals and applications of the artificial intelligence in the healthcare setting. Participants will first learn different tools, then assist in ongoing projects in the Lab of Medical Imaging and Computation. In addition, workshops and seminars will be provided.

  • Training Sessions
    • Fundamentals of clinical and translational research
    • AI healthcare data tool workshop
  • Projects
    • Bone age assessment
    • Whole body recognition
  • Expected Outcome
    • Team project results
    • Individual proposal paper

Product Development: Advanced

This module intends to provide the platform to those who would like to test and validate their technology with the real medical data. Depending on the needs, training sessions can be modified. Moreover, networking opportunities will be provided to develop and finally launch the product.

  • Training Sessions
    • Medical device development
    • AI healthcare data tool workshop
  • Projects
    • Individual project
  • Expected Outcome
    • Individual project results
    • Product development

Research and Observation: Clinicians

This module is for doctors, clinicians, and those who would like to focus on the research but understand how artificial intelligence is utilized in the field. Mainly, the participant will observe the clinical setting, find a problem, and conduct research for the publication.

  • Training Sessions
    • Clinical observation for defining a problem
    • Clinical trial design
    • AI medical image tool training
  • ¬†Projects
    • Given based on the interest and background
  • Expected Outcome
    • Research paper publication



The AIHAP offers Certificate of Completion. Your works including assessment in the training sessions, projects, and final results are used to determine whether you qualify for a certificate. To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must demonstrate significant effort to earn a certificate.

Depending on your competency, you may be qualified to continue as an intern, research assistance, or visiting scholar upon the completion of the program.



Synho Do, PhD
Director, Laboratory of Medical Imaging and Computation at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
Assistant Medical Director, Advanced Health Technology Engineering, Research, and Development, MGPO
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

He is currently a member of IEEE Signal Processing Society, Bio-Imaging and Signal Processing (BISP) and Committee on Machine Intelligence at Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). He is a MGH site PI for NVidia GPU Research Center. Dr.Do’s current research interests include medical image machine learning, statistical signal and image processing, medical signal and image processing. His group is actively working on RPG (Radiology-Pathology-Genetics) machine learning platform development at MGH and Harvard Medical School. He has been a Co-Investigator for multiple medical imaging projects, and Co-PI on medical (i.e., GE, Siemens, and Philips etc.) and security (i.e., DHS, DARPA, etc.) image reconstruction projects. He has a MS in Electrical Engineering (cryptosystem analysis) and a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering (nonlinear biological system analysis) at the University of Southern California.